Born in Shanghai, Zhiming Han is an award winning composer, World Class Chinese instruments
virtuoso, and voting member for Grammy Award. His orchestral film music won the Henry Mancini Film
Music Composition Award. His performance credits include CD albums “Celestial Echo”, Chinese New
Age “ Morning of the forest”, and concerts with Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony,
Pacific Symphony, others Symphonies , Jackie Chan’s and Disney’s movies. He has worked with Oscar-
winning Hollywood composers such as James Horner and John Williams in movie soundtracks.
Described as “Topping out of Applause Here … Fantastic” by KCET, his performances at Los Angeles
Music Center were telecast nationally on PBS in 2002 and 2006. In China, CCTV primary time broadcast
his full orchestra music with TV dramas, performed by Shanghai symphony and other major orchestras.
In1986, Han came to USA, and completed academic graduate study in music composition at UCLA. As
the founder and Executive Director of Los Angeles Chinese Orchestra, he produces, composes and
performs as a music recording artist for various media including concerts and soundtracks for film, TV
series, and video game productions including two performances at Disney Concert Hall (2004), CCTV
26-episode series “The Guests of Ice Mountain” (2005), feature films “16 Blocks” (2006), and X-Box
video game “Jade Empire” (2006), and 20th century Fox TV movie “Bones” (2007).

韓志明 作曲家, 音樂製作人 演奏家--美國葛來美獎評委。美國Henry Mancini電影音樂作曲獎得主--韓志明出
許多好萊塢電影配樂錄音,如成龍電影,迪士尼電影.X-Box “Jade Empire”. 合作過的作曲家有奧斯卡得主
James Horner 和John Williams等.美國電視PBS曾多次全美轉播他在洛杉磯音樂中心的現場獨奏演出實況.
2006他的揚琴曾為Philip Glass Opera 擔任主奏樂器--在中國,他創作的管弦樂曲為國際性影視配樂,並由國家
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About Zhiming Han 韩志明 and Cynthia Hsiang向新梅
Cynthia Hsiang's Music Profile:
Performance 音乐演奏
Performance Video Clip
PCC Chinese Music Ensemble
Zhiming Han's Music Profile:
Original Composition 原创音乐
Studio Production 影音制作
Performance 音乐演奏
Performance Video Clip
Cynthia Hsiang , award-winnig Gu-zheng (Chinese long- zither) soloist, with Ph.D. Candidate and Master
Degrees in ethnomusicology from UCLA. She currently teaches at Pasadena City College. She has been
featured in numerous concerts and recordings in Taiwan, US and Europe, and has premiered many
contemporary works with symphony orchestras including Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, San Francisco
Symphony, Los Angeles Opera, Sacramental Camellia Symphony and Madrid International Theater
Festival. In 2002 and 2006, PBS broadcast her performance at Los Angeles Music Center nationally. Her
performance credits include a solo zheng recital at Taiwan National Music Hall, movie soundtracks for
Jackie Chan’s movie, M-Box video game “Jade Empire”, and two CD albums “Nocturne in Autumn Palace”
and “High Mountain and Flowing Water”. She presented her academic papers on Vietnamese music in
the  Society for Ethnomusicology conference at UCSD, Balinese music in the Chinese National
Conference on Music Melody at the Hong Kong University, and Taiwanese zheng music in Taiwan Institute
of Arts.
向新梅 钢琴古箏演奏家作曲家,加州大學洛杉磯分校UCLA音樂碩士和博士侯選人,臺灣師範大學音樂系學士。她
曾任台北国家中乐团(前实验国乐团)首席古箏演奏员, 曾任教于加州大學洛杉磯分校UCLA音乐系,目前現
This is the Jade Empire Theme for X-Box video game
performed by Zhiming Han on Chinese bamboo flute